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Passenger Car Sedan

     A sedan has a fixed roof that is full-height up to the rear window.  The roof structure will typically have a fixed B-pillar on sedan models.  They were made in two-door or four-door models.  In the U.S., the term sedan has been used to denote a car with fixed window frames, as opposed to the hardtop style without a "B" pillar and where the sash, if any, winds down with the glass.
1955 Sedan


Passenger Car Hardtop

1955 Chevrolet Hardtop


A hardtop (HT) is a fixed-roof model designed to look like a convertible with the top raised. While some early models retained side window frames and b-pillars, by the 1950s most were pillarless hardtops, omitting the B-pillar (the roof support behind the front doors) and configuring the window frames, if any, to retract with the glass when lowered.  Some hardtops took the convertible look even further, including such details as simulating a convertible-top framework in the interior headliner and shaping the roof to resemble a raised canvas top.

1947 - 1953 Chevrolet Truck
     1947 - 1953 Chevrolet Truck 1/2Ton - 1Ton
    *1947 - 1953  Has Split Windshield
    *1947 - 1950  No Vent Windows.  Pull Down Outside Door Handles.
    *1951             Has Vent Windows. Pull Down Outside Handles
    *1952 - 1953  Has Vent Windows.  Push Button Outside Handles.

1954 - 1955 1st Series

1954 - 1955 1st Series Chevrolet Truck 1/2Ton - 1Ton

*1954 - 1955 1Series  Has Vent Windows.  Push Button Outside Handles.
*1954 - 1955 1Series  Has One Peice Windshield.  Vertical Center Grill Bar

1955 2nd - 1959 Chevrolet Truck       
     1955 2nd Series - 1959 Chevrolet Truck 1/2Ton - 1Ton
     *1955 2Series - 1959  Has Wrap Around Windshield
      *1955 2Series - 1957  Has Single Headlights
      *1958 - 1959  Has Dual Headlights in each Fender

1960 - 1963 Chevrolet Truck

1960 - 1963 Chevrolet Truck 1/2Ton - 1Ton

1964 - 1966 Chevrolet Truck      1964 - 1966 Chevrolet Truck 1/2Ton - 1Ton

1967 1972 Chevrolet Truck

1967 - 1972 Chevrolet Truck 1/2Ton - 1Ton

1973 - 1987 Chevrolet Truck
     1973 - 1987 Chevrolet Truck 1/2Ton - 1Ton


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Dan's '55 Nomad
Features: Gold dust ghost flames on ginger lacquer. '56 265 V8 with Muncie 4 speed, Duntov Cam, '56 Corvette dual quads and '62 Corvette dual point distributor. '69 GTO disc brakes, Chevy van power booster, Z-28 rear stabilizer, 4:11 posi. Engine compartment and undercarriage highly detailed in chrome and brass. '71 Z-28 gauges, power one-piece door glass and power slider windows. Other power features include seats, door locks, antenna and 67 Cadillac twilight sentinel. All modifications were done in the 1970's.



Jan  Auto Swap Meet, Canby OR 503-266-1136
Feb  Corvette & Hi Performance Meet, Puyallup WA 360-786-8844
Feb  Roadster Show, Salem OR 503-363-0442
Feb  Early Birb Swap Meet, Puyallup WA 253-833-3926
March Swap Meet, Astoria OR 800-220-0792
March Central Oregon Rod & Custom Show, Redmond OR 541-317-9351
March Portland Roadster Show, Portland OR 503-232-4567
March Almost Spring Swap Meet, Puyallup WA 253-833-3926
March Roadster Show, Eugene OR 541-689-6824
April  PIR Swap Meet, Portland OR 503-307-5420
April  Portland Swap Meet, Portland OR 503-678-2100
April  Swap Meet, Corvallis OR 541-926-3972
May  Cruise-In, Jim Dandy's, Portland OR 503-622-6813
June  Friday Night Thunder Cruisin, Sherwood OR 503-720-4118
June  Muscle 'N Chrome, Seaside OR 503-738-7637
June  GM Car Show, Graham WA 253-864-0704
June  All Buick Open, Puyallup WA 253-815-1094
June  Chemekata College Swap Meet, Salem OR 503-378-1354
June  Orphan Car Meet, Oregon City OR 360-254-1461
June  Sweet Ride Show, Sweet Home OR 541-818-0222
July  Wooden Chicken Car Show, Portland OR 360-687-4897
July Elks Cruise In, Salem OR 503-589-4320
July Portland Historic Races, Portland OR 818-249-3515
July  DARE to Cruise, Albany OR 541-926-2651
July  Classic Car Show, McMinnville OR 503-472-6543
July  Grande Ronde A View, LaGrande OR 541-963-9025
July  Chevelle & ElCamino Show, Brooks OR 503-650-1796
July  Bay City Cruisers Show, Newport OR 541-336-3701
July  Fab 50's Car Show, Grants Pass 541-592-6009
July  Great Oregon Steam Up, Brooks OR 503-393-2424
Aug  Flashback Cruz, Bend OR 541-480-5560
Aug  Tillamook Air Museum Show, Tillamook OR 503-842-1130
Aug  Summer Dream Cruise, Aloha OR 503-910-1565
Aug  Columbia River Concours, Vancouver WA 503-970-4533
Aug  Hot August Nights, Reno NV 775-356-1956
Aug  Cruise The Gorge, The Dalles OR 541-980-5789
Aug  Concours at Village Green, Cottage Grove OR 541-683-9113
Aug  Hot August Nights, Lewiston ID 208-746-0151
Aug  Pacific NW Truck Show, Brooks OR 503-312-0039
Aug  LeMay Car Show & Auction, Tacoma WA 253-272-2336
Sep  High Desert Swap Meet, Redmond OR 541-548-4467
Sep  Run To The End Of The World, Ocean Park WA 360-665-3565
Sep  Cruise to Historic Oregon City, Oregon City OR 503-657-5942
Sep  Octoberfest Cruisin & Show, Sandy OR 503-668-4096
Sep  Harvest Swap Meet, Centralia Wa 360-273-6961
Oct  Harvest Swap Meet, Canby OR 503-622-6813
Oct  Swap Meet, Monroe WA 360-738-4683
Nov Swap Meet, Bremerton WA 360-940-7292
Nov Albany Swap Meet, Albany OR 541-926-3972


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